Kari (thatnerdygirl) wrote in 20poundsofpears,

bananas and bananas and more bananas

approximately 5 large bunches of them (50ish bananas in total?) they're on their last legs. my banana bread recipe only calls for 2-3 bananas/loaf. any other suggestions for good, quick banana-killers?

also, i really like lemon juice. i really really like lemon juice. do any of you guys have favorite spice combinations that involve lemon juice?
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Sell them in Australia. They're worth like a million dollars each over here.

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The toast in that banana wine recipe strikes me as being rather peculiar - What purpose does it serve?

It does sound fairly interesting. I would be inclined to make it, and, after Cyclone Larry, which destroyed our country's largest banana plantation, I could probably make a small fortune selling it, too. :P
oh my god, BANANA WINE?! that one's a keeper. the chips and fritters sound good too.
Lemon juice and basil go really well together. I make a pesto that uses a lot of lemon juice instead of all the olive oil- though I do use quite a bit of that in there too. It's delicious
banana pancakes
peanut butter/banana sandwich
peanut butter,honey/banana/tortilla wrap
fry banana or plantain with your scramble eggs/tofu and toast
ice cream sunday

i love this on pancakes and on toast or crumpets