A tiny revolution (anny86) wrote in 20poundsofpears,
A tiny revolution

Green Lentils

I have a bunch of dried Green Lentils, what can I make with them? I've never really cooked with them before, so how do I cook them?
(something vegan and yummy)
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lentil soup! lentil soup! They're great beans cause you don't have so soak them like other dried beans and if you put some herbs, potatoes, carrots, green beans, celery (at the end), whatever else you've got into a pot with some vegetable stock and simmer, you'll have a delicious soup! I bet it'd be good with vegan sausage too.
lentil muffins?
Sure, why not?
I'm going to try it. :D
do you have a recipe?
Nope! Gonna make one up. :)
It's definitely doable.