How Close Is Close Enough? (howcloseis) wrote in 20poundsofpears,
How Close Is Close Enough?

Hot dogs

So, I realize that a) this community might well be dead and b) I imagine the majority of members are probably either vegan or vegetarian, but I'm posting anyway on the off chance that someone responds. A few weeks ago my housemates and I went to the lake and had a bonfire there with a dozen or so friends, purchasing a package of 80 hot dogs in anticipation of this event. Well many hot dogs were roasted, a merry time was had by all, and this leaves us now with around 40 frozen hot dogs left. We have been grilling a lot and also have had them with macaroni and cheese a few times, and I have ambitions to make cook them up with baked beans and brown raisin bread. Is there anything else we can do with this most unglamorous of ingredients? There are five of us in the house, and one is lactose intolerant, so extra special bonus points to dairy-free suggestions. Not sure if anyone still reads this community, but I thought it was worth a shot. Thanks in advance guys!
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